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Whether you’re in the market for a pond or pondless waterfall kit, or you just want some sound pond advice, Complete Ponds,  is the premier retail pond store for the greater Sacramento area. If you’re looking to build a koi pond, pondless waterfall or a water garden pond, Complete Ponds strives to educate customers on how to build it right the first time. We offer classes throughout the spring and summer to help you figure out how to build and design your own water feature.

Once your pond or pondless waterfall is up and running, Complete Ponds, Sacramento Koi Pond Store, carries a complete line of energy efficient pond pumps, UV lights, pond liners, pond filters, water treatments, koi, goldfish, and a variety of pond plants. Many happy pond owners all over the greater Sacramento, California area can attest to Complete Ponds commitment to helping with their pond needs.

Now you can purchase your pond pumps, filters, fish food, water treatments, pond kits, UV Lights, pondless waterfall kits, filter media, pond liner and more from the comfort of your favorite chair and have it on your doorstep within a few days!

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