Sacramento Pond Supplies – Since 2002, Complete Ponds has had the privilege of educating thousands of people in the greater Sacramento area and across the country, on how to create their own back or front yard paradise. Our retail stores in Roseville, CA. is dedicated to the Do-It-Yourselfer.  We sell all the pond supplies you will need to build and stock your own water feature.  If you’re local, stop by or you can give us a call at 916-786-2696. We look forward to helping you!

We offer a variety of Do-It-Yourself classes beginning each year in March.  Our classes will help guide you through designing & building your own water feature, making sure you do it right the first time.

In addition to helping people create their own water features, we build and maintain koi ponds, water garden ponds and pondless waterfalls with our construction and service department, Pond Squad. Pond Squad is our cleaning and service department specializing in pond and pondless cleaning, maintenance and repair.  In addition to the complete cleaning of ponds and waterfalls, the scope of our work includes pump replacement, filter and UV installation, leak detection/repair and complete pond and pondless makeovers. Over the years, Pond Squad has built hundreds of ponds and waterfalls in the greater Sacramento area.  Call us to schedule your appointment today.

We at Complete Ponds, a Sacramento Pond Supplies store are passionate about educating and helping our customers with advice and answers to their questions.  Whether you want to know about the mechanics of a pond or how to properly care for your fish, we have the answers!

Sign up for our quarterly newsletter or call us to schedule you for one of our many upcoming classes.  We know that you will enjoy being a Complete Ponds customer!

Pond repairs & maintenance & cleaning
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